Welcome, you have arrived at my online course platform. Here, I will give you the keys to my safe, yes, that's right! You will have access to all the information I have collected during years of learning and working towards an extensive personal and business career. I want to share this journey with you!

What are you entitled to?

  • Digital content in multiple formats, videos, diagrammed documents and podcast audios.
  • 24/7 accessibility from anywhere in the world.
  • Practical tools and supporting materials that will lead you to take action.
  • Free advice with Bárbara Velásquez to resolve any doubts and launch your business ideas.
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In this course you will find the answers to many of the questions that may have come to mind. why does having a professional career  make me as if my life is empty? Is there any method I can use to discover my passion? How can I continue advancing towards my dreams? How can I make better decisions? How do I improve my weaknesses and enhance my talents?

Entrepreneur: let yourself be accompanied on the road to business growth, I want to be your mentor.

You don't need experience, here is where you start!

We know that starting to write on a blank canvas can be complicated, we have so many ideas to capture but uncertainty and a fear of the unknown can be daunting. Just as in school,  when given a task to write an essay, our mind goes blank. Do not worry!, it has happened to all of us, at some point in our lives. It happnes more of often than you think when we discuss business.

In this course you will have access to valuable information and practical tools that will lead you into the enchanting world of entrepreneurship.

All the time we are selling, a product, a service, a business idea and even ourselves, as a personal brand.

Find out how to become a successful salesperson and achieve incredible results for your life and your company. We will accompany you to develop powerful and effective strategies to learn how to sell yourself.

What you were waiting for is here, your digital business just a click away!

The world has evolved and the way of selling too, digital media is the most powerful tool used today to get customers and increase sales.

We will start by teaching you to define your target audience, then we will trace the route to storytelling, so that you make your brand a great story to tell. Finally we will demonstrate the digital world for you to understand the following:

  • How to create an attractive profile
  • What should you take into account to generate valuable content
  • How to use hashtags, stories and tags
  • What kind of collaborations can be useful to increase followers and interactions in your social networks.

Here you will find useful strategies and tactics to succeed in the digital environment.

What do all your customers have in common?, what tastes or hobbies do they have?  That is, do you know your ideal customer enough?

Develop your idea by thinking about a particular consumer, you can even name them. Think about what that person does, what their habits are, how old they are, where they live, what they do, if they have a family, detail their tastes and preferences. And based on their customer profile build your value proposition. This is key on the internet: building a unique, different and innovative value proposition.

Through this course you will learn to develop strategies to understand and connect with your ideal client, know where they are, what they do, create them and/or cover a need.

I will tell you a little about what has worked for me, and the methods I have put into practice throughout my business journey.

Do you think it's possible to generate various revenue streams with your website?

Through this course I will share with you the most effective strategies to monetize your business ideas. I want to teach you how to create communities from the generation of valuable content, how to develop online advertising campaigns, use whatsapp and email marketing in your favor. Additionally, I want you to know how the sales funnel process works, from attracting potential customers to closing new sales for your business.

The end result will be to get more traffic to your website and social media, which will proportionally turn into better profits for you and your business.

Comprehensively evaluate if your project meets the market, product and strategy requirements, so you can discover how good that business idea you have in mind is.

First, keep in mind you need enough demand for the service/ product you are producing. What pricing model ae you going to use? Can you see growth in this industry that you can capture. Will you be able to offer the right level of quality? Is the business, product or service innovative?

Secondly, decide your strategic perspective, selling price? Control over the product or service? Control of expenses? Would it be easy to copy or imitate your business? Ask yourself, is my business idea sustainable over time?

Third, think about how much experience you have in the sector in which you are going to enter Can you earn the money you need or want? What training and knowledge should you acquire? Ask yourself, am I ready to lead my project?

The answers to these questions and more, you can find throughout our virtual course!

Manage to increase sales in all your digital channels and reach more people with your brand, through the creation of attractive content and the development of SEO and SEM positioning strategies.

We will explain the step by step process to create and execute a digital marketing plan. Where you take into account the adequate target market, suitable digital channels , supervision  of the campaigns, and of course, the measurement of the results and the profitability achieved through the action plan.

All this will be reflected in a greater positioning of your brand and a better return on investment. Do you want to start this adventure with our team?

We will guide you with new ideas to achieve growth and success. We are the result of dreams, discipline and hard work. Ultimately we will walk alongside you on your path to  success.

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