Woman, how many times have you thought about starting a business and still don't dare to do it?


We have worked hard to help you make that a reality and to be able to tell you about it in this book, which begins with a journey through a difficult culture, scourged by the most powerful criminal phenomenon in Colombia "drug trafficking" and continues in the battle for the dreams of a young woman without resources, full of dreams and ambitions. 


I feel that this book will help you a lot, for simple empathy, that was the biggest reason, to think that many women have like me, plans to be the owners of their worlds. 


Let's get excited together, travel, learn, undertake and become an unstoppable woman in all aspects of your life!


Pour your favorite drink, make yourself comfortable, take a deep breath and immerse yourself in this space full of realities that surpass fantasy and in which you will see yourself reflected.