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Organize, repair, reuse and sell! 

The app that women were waiting for has arrived! BV Closet helps women  organize, redeem, fix and sell their used clothes in excellent condition.

Join sustainable and recyclable fashion!

Benefits of the app:

  1. You will be able to manage all of the clothes you wish to sell by maintaining a photographic record to organize all your garments.
  2. You can send any piece of clothing for repair to our wonderful network of seamstress and tailors.
  3. You'll sell your clothes instantly, wherever you are located.

Connecting with your colleagues has never been easier!

The largest network of professionals in the world, is waiting for you. Create your profile and add your talent. You will  discover everything that your community can offer you. 

In BV8 Networking App you have everything, you can meet and connect with thousands of people around the world, who right now are in need of your services, or vice versa.

What do you have access to?

  1. Search for contacts through the interactive map in real time.
  2. Connection with professionals in various areas of knowledge and anywhere in the world.
  3. Use of new technologies and augmented reality.
  4. Verification of the skills, talents and experience of each user on the platform through a badge system.
  5. Ads and subscriptions to publicize your professional services.

Do you want to be part of a social network where you will be able to find professionals through an interactive map?

We are driven by a passion for sport!

If you are a fan or want to be a professional player, we have a space designed especially for you. With our app we can bring together different professionals from the football world and enhance your personal brand.

Your best tactic, and opportunity to achieve your dream of being a professional footballer, will be to sign up for the app

What can you do in our app?

  1. Connect with colleagues and sponsors.
  2. Access new opportunities
  3. Find teams and resources
  4. Increase your followers
  5. Keep track of your fitness
  6. Online gambling on a variety of in play sectors.
  7. Exclusive information about the guild

We are waiting for you!

We will guide you with new ideas to achieve growth and success. We are the result of dreams, discipline and hard work. Ultimately we will walk alongside you on your path to  success.

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