Hi, I'm Barbara.
Entrepreneur and Specialist in business strategies for women, I am also a single mother, all, full-time jobs.
You are my inspiration because I know how hard it is to start from scratch and make yourself.
25 years ago, I decided to leave Colombia, my native country, in search of my dreams. Although I had to battle many mental and financial blocks, I never lost sight of my goal: Becoming a successful businesswoman!
I lived in Barcelona for 18 years and finished Business Administration at the Ramon Llul University in Barcelona.
My profession led me to have an entrepreneurial mindset, I saw opportunities everywhere, so I started many businesses, but none of them were successful, my lack of experience made me fail in almost all of those ventures. In my book "A mind without borders" I tell all my anecdotes.
But my real adventure began in Zurich, Switzerland, where I have been living for 7 years, I was attracted by this country: its people, its organization and its system captivated me. It was there that I started to develop my career as a personal brand (www.barbaravelasquez.com).
That's why, together with my team, we have developed this learning platform, based on my experience and those of other women entrepreneurs. There is a lot of material that you will love! You will find surveys and forms so you can successfully start your own business.
I must insist that what I am truly passionate about and what makes me happy is creating successful ideas to help women realize this dream.
My advice is to never give up, everything is possible, even more so when you have clear goals and know exactly what you want to do.
Together we can, you put the ideas, we the strategies. Dare to build your own company.




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"Our team of specialists and professionals work to publicize your company nationally and internationally".

We will guide you with new ideas to achieve growth and success. We are the result of dreams, discipline and hard work. Ultimately we will walk alongside you on your path to  success.

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