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how to find your purpose in life

Become the best version of you. Transform your fears into opportunities!


Turn your idea into a profitable venture! Earn from digital platforms.

Online marketing strategies

Marketing à la carte!

Discover tools, strategies, and concepts to position your brand.

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Don't let your goals remain just plans...
Press play your entrepreneurial project!

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Identifying your audience is key in sales. Know your ideal customer? Learn how!

How to validate your business idea

Is your business viable? Learn methods to market-test your project.

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Take your business to the digital plane!

Manage social networks strategically.

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A good story ... captivates, enamors and inspires!

Ready to start yours?


Thinking of a Swiss move for your business? We'll guide you through company types for the best fit.


Incorporate your company in the United Arab Emirates!
You will only have to pay 5% tax.
We show you how to do it.


Expand your business opportunities in the most competent market in the world!

Learn how to incorporate your company in the UK.

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I am

  • 2010 Barcelona

    I finished my university studies as a Diploma in Business Sciences and specialized in the area of Business Consulting and Online Marketing, since then I started my business management operating under the National Registry of Titles No. 2013/050594, of the Ramón Llul University of Barcelona. At the same time, I worked as a Financial Analyst at BBVA Bancomer Bank.
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  • 2013 Barcelona

    I had the opportunity to work as Commercial and Marketing Director at Interimagen, a subsidiary of Bancolombia in Spain, where I discovered my true vocation: Making successful entrepreneurs. In this last company I managed to double its profits in just one year.
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  • 2015 Zurich

    Country that captivated me from the beginning along with its culture and its people. From them I learned that organization, discipline and focus are essential and a symbol of success when setting up a company. I worked for TC Consulting as Coordinator of Projects and Business Strategies. During this time, I undertook my personal brand, consolidating in 2017, Marketing-Consulting company registered in Switzerland with UID-Nr CHE- 277.751.579.
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We will guide you with new ideas to achieve growth and success. We are the result of dreams, discipline and hard work. Ultimately, we will walk alongside you on your path to success.

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